bike match
We are a network of bike shops and advocacy organizations connecting our first responders, medical professionals and essential workers on the front lines with free bikes during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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While many of us are sheltering safely in our homes, there are millions of Americans for whom the shrinking of America’s public transportation systems has made it harder, if not impossible to get to essential jobs, run needed errands, or care for loved ones. The team at Bike Match are here to help, connecting those with extra bicycles with those who need them. A project of two safe streets advocates in San Francisco, Bike Match is an easy-to-use online portal that makes it simple for you to set up your own exchange in this time of need. If you’re interested in running a Bike Match in your community, contact us and we'll help you get setup!

Bike Match was inspired by these amazing initiatives in New York City and Washington DC.
How it Works
  1. When someone requests a bike or donates a bike, we send them a confirmation email and cc you or someone you assign at your organization.
  2. Your email is also used in the “reply-to” field so any responses or questions we receive will go directly to you.
  3. The requests & donations are logged in an admin panel we have setup for your city / region.
  4. You login and match people based on criteria such as location, zip code, their height, bike type preference etc. We've built tools to make this super easy!
  5. Confirm the match and we send a customizable email out to you, the donor and recipient with next steps to facilitate the exchange.
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